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Axiom provides Trading Technology Support for some of the world’s leading financial services companies. To support these mission-critical real time market data systems, Axiom engineers and technicians are available all day, every day regardless of your location. Our support is available locally, regionally and globally.


ECN Support

Trading platforms are a critical element on the trading floor and beyond. Axiom recognizes the mission critical requirement for rapid executions and market data information provided by transactions platforms and crossing networks. Axiom engineers and technicians are experienced in supporting these critical platforms. The Trading environment relies on the performance of real time systems. Axiom’s well-established track record and diverse service offerings assure our customers of the right skills, delivered cost effectively and measurably.

Systems Certifications

Axiom provides systems checkouts and certifications for any Market Data system, pre-opening or following any system intervention or move, add or change. These certifications include global, regional or local checks for all systems. These certifications are an integral part of any Axiom Managed Service for the trading environment, and may include monitoring through agent-based applications or physical reviews of selected systems or components. Revision management and certifications are also available. Axiom certifications may be provided as an offsite monitoring facility or traditionally, onsite. An Axiom certification means that the trading environment is ready to trade.

Trouble Resolution

Axiom engineers and technicians are skilled and experienced in troubleshooting and solving any outage or system malfunction. Our thorough knowledge of systems and delivery architectures assures that all points of potential failure are quickly evaluated and the problem isolated. Rapid intervention and documentation resolve the outage as soon as possible means a rapid restoring the integrity of the trading environment. Axiom resolves the trouble and the business gets back to business.

Preventative Maintenance

Axiom recognizes that the health of the trading environment can depend on the quality and frequency of system maintenance. Whether it is as simple as rebooting servers or upgrading key backbone processes, Axiom has the experience and skills to get it right. We work closely with clients and vendors to assure that all systems are operating at the best revision levels although not necessarily the latest. A crucial element of maintenance is certifying revisions within the client’s environment. Not every revision will be compatible with operating systems, applications or hardware configurations. Axiom solutions review all the pertinent elements of a revision to determine risk and benefit before recommending that the revision proceed. With Axiom problems are prevented and systems are optimized, cost effectively and reliably.


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