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Axiom was a strategic partner of this high profile Domestic Bank for more than 6 years, providing managed services and strategic services. This long-term engagement included distributed systems design, engineering and implementation for TRIARCH and TIBCO, managed support for multiple platforms and proprietary distribution systems and applications. Axiom’s principal task was to assure that real time market data was available to all users and that systems operated reliably and consistently.

Engineering solutions included designing a campus-based distribution architecture to deliver a server free / server light topology for real time market data. Senior Axiom consulting engineers were engaged throughout this strategic project and delivered a solution that allowed the client’s user population to secure data from multiple, remote data centers. This solution provided an enhanced level of security, assured data availability and reduced on site hardware and support requirements.

Axiom had been strategically involved in transitioning processes from a UNIX to a Linux environment. Axiom’s engineering staff worked in partnership with the client’s engineering team to produce this effective and cost efficient solution.

Global Support was provided from the client’s New York location for systems worldwide. The campus approach to distribution allows for remote support and monitoring of mission critical systems. Axiom provided a strategic team to monitor and remediate any issue each Sunday, conducting a global check of all systems.

Managed Services for the trading environment was provided at second and third levels for distributed and non-distributed systems. Systems were monitored in real time, outages were triaged to determine severity and immediate support was provided by the Axiom onsite engineers and support technicians.

Market Data Administration was provided for this client by Axiom as a staff augmentation engagement. Duties included permissioning, preparation for Moves, Adds and Changes to user profiles and locations. Requests were processed for new services, cancellation of services and changes to services. Axiom staff compiled inventories and have been instrumental in finding significant cost savings in the market data spend.

Project Management was provided for a wide variety of activities. Axiom worked closely with internal staff, vendors and users to assure that any move, change, upgrade or implementation was carefully planned and implemented to manage risk and provide the highest level of user results.

Product Certification was provided for new revisions of vendor-supplied software. Axiom staff conducted testing to assure that new releases would perform as expected, not conflict with other applications and be compatible with client hardware. Support requirements were determined and documented.

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