system.mangTrading Technology Support- System Management

Axiom provides Trading Technology Support for some of the world’s leading financial services companies. To support these mission-critical real time market data systems, Axiom engineers and technicians are available all day, every day regardless of your location. Our support is available locally, regionally and globally.

Planning Management and Implementation

On every trading floor there are Moves, Adds Changes upgrades, conversions and rollouts. Throughout the environment, Axiom can plan, manage and implement these critical events. Our project managers, engineers and technicians are experienced and skilled in these operations. Vendor management, site management, process control and user communications are critical components of this solution.Axiom has successfully managed countless moves, adds and changes from a few users to entire trading floors. This means that the outcomes for our customers are predictable, cost effective and most importantly, successful.

Maintain Trouble Calls and Tracking Database

Axiom recognizes the need to carefully track and monitor outages and any other trouble calls or requests for support. Identifiable trends are critical to prevent problems and streamline support. Axiom engineers and technicians are familiar with all standard-tracking systems and quickly adapt to customer driven systems. Quantitative tracking and analysis is crucial to understand trouble patterns, usage, and spot trends and potentially intervene before an outage occurs. This tracking and reporting is a core Axiom deliverable.

Maintain Site Documentation

Complete and accurate documentation of technology systems is critical to Business Continuity, systems maintenance and trouble resolution. Axiom believes that documentation is an important element of all managed services agreements and can also provide the service as part of a co-sourced solution. Axiom’s approach to documentation includes systems, applications, data feeds, communications, hardware specifications, escalation paths and troubleshooting guides. Accurate and up to date documentation accelerates problem resolutions, minimizes moves adds and change management, reducing cost and time to deliver.


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Our Market Data Management solutions have saved time and money for many domestic and international financial investment firms.
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