Trading Technology- System ArchitectureTrading Technology Support-System Architecture

Axiom provides Trading Technology Support for some of the world’s leading financial services companies. To support these mission-critical real time market data systems, Axiom engineers and technicians are available all day, every day regardless of your location. Our support is available locally, regionally and globally.

Vendor based Architecture

Axiom staff provide second and third level support for all vendor supplied distribution architectures including TRIARCH, TIBCO, RMDS and others. Axiom has the expertise and experience to engineer the environment, server based or server light or server free. Axiom solutions deliver the support businesses require, efficiently and with costs that are managed and results that are measurable.

Customer based Architecture

Axiom staff provide second and third level support for customer developed, proprietary distribution architectures. In this unique case, Axiom works with the customer to understand, partner and support the environment. By adding our knowledge of all architectures; UNIX, NT and Linux, we are especially well suited to the special requirements of proprietary architectures. Axiom is then ready to support that environment locally, regionally or globally, managing costs and delivering the results business demands.

Non-distributed and Hybrid Systems

Many market data applications, legacy systems and services are not deliverable as part of the open environment. These systems require specialized skills and expertise to manage and support. Axiom has the experience and skill to manage and support these systems, which are an integral part of virtually every trading floor and dealing room.   Axiom has specialists in these technologies to manage the vendor relationships and provide second and third level support. Axiom solutions support these systems cost effectively and reliably.



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